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The Firm

After over 15 years of working for other attorneys, I realized that there is a better way.  At Porter Law LLC, we strive to treat clients the way that we would like to be treated.  By focusing on the client, the rest will take care of itself.   
As attorneys, we often bill by the hour.  It may be an unfortunate reality of life, but it is the reality for now.  Unlike other firms, though, we do not punch the clock every time the phone rings.  We care about the client experience, the relationship and, most importantly, the client.  If we spend time getting to know you, that time is on our dime.  Once we have gotten to know you, we will ask about things that are important to you - your family, fly fishing, travel, cars or whatever else it may be that makes your life fun and interesting. 
By getting to know our clients, their goals, objectives, concerns, businesses, risk tolerances and thought processes, we are able to provide comprehensive service and seasoned advice that is tailored to the client.

Thank you for visiting our site; we look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you. 
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